Refund & Cancellation Policy

We assure you of the quality and there cannot be any defect in principle, as the sarees are thoroughly checked and least handled as coming to you directly from the weaver.

 The handloom weave is known for its grandeur and ethnic class and it imperfections of finishing authenticates its make of handloom and thus its value and demand.

 The Sarees that are projected for sale are authenticated for their quality, type and purity of silk as they come directly from the weavers who weave it. Secondly, the association (BDAM) governing for their rights is vigilant under this agreement to provide the best and purest handloom weave of Banaras silk quality.

 The PVCHR an NGO of Asian stature and who are working with the Banaras weavers rights for years are the guarding intermediary body who authenticates each saree quality before its dispatched to us and reaches the portal to meet your eye.

 Nevertheless the buyer (Wearer) feels the shipping having a toll on the packaging to bring about any change from its original packaging stage status then they are free to get in touch with the seller.

 Our policy lasts only in any issue of non delivery due to shipping error. In case of non delivery only refund will be solicited but only after deduction of mandatory Govt. taxations already charged and which are non refundable.